GroundSwell’s grow facility is a small-batch operation in which each strain is grown and flowered in its own ideal conditions. We grow in retrofitted shipping containers in order to have precise control over every aspect: temperature, humidity, light quality, time of exposure and more. The professionals tending to our premium cannabis plants are obsessed and proud of it.

Each plant is hand-watered and receives individualized attention and care due to the small batch size, ensuring the highest quality output from every harvest. We’ve chosen soil-based growing methods to allow for additional control over every element, and we grow purely in soil with naturally occurring compounds.

The foundation of GroundSwell was directly related to a physician searching for new ways to alleviate the serious ailments of his patients, and that intent has been reflected in everything we’ve done over the years. The approach we take at the dispensary actually starts back at our grow facility – we’re thinking about our patients from the very inception and all the way through the process. Our commitment to quality from seed to sale is unmatched.


With all the recent attention on harmful pesticides used by some cannabis growers, there’s good reason to be pay more attention to where you get your flower. At GroundSwell, we only use cultivation products with organic, naturally-occuring compounds – no harsh chemicals ever come into contact with our plants. And since we grow our flower batches in small rooms (instead of large warehouse spaces), it’s much easier for us to keep our growing environments clean, controlled, pest-free, and mold-free.