GroundSwell’s carefully vetted concentrates and extracts offer options for any cannabis consumer. We pride ourself on offering an ever-growing selection of clean and tasteful products to offer you the best experience possible. Check out our featured concentrate products below!

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GroundSwell Pax Pods

Our very own GroundSwell Pax Pods are currently available in OG Kush, a classic indica that offers relaxation without leaving you lethargic, and NYC Diesel, a stoney sativa that gets you feeling energetic and ready to go. 

Head of Honey

Head of Honey premium concentrates, like their Honey Buckets, Honey Sugar & Terp Sugars, are created with high-quality frozen cannabis, allowing for more flavorful and potent products. These concentrates offer heavy & long-lasting effects. 

710 Labs

710 Labs traditional extraction method provides a cleaner, more natural product, such as their tasty Water Hash. Their Water Hash is also full melt, making it 100% dabbable. 


Ascend 4:1 CBD Sugars are the perfect addition to your active cannabis lifestyle. THC terpenes are reintroduced to this CBD extract to add flavor and provide a mild psychoactive effect.  

Harmony Extracts

Harmony Extracts specializes in creating high terpene, high potency, full flavor cannabis extracts.