Know the cannabis laws in Colorado.

  • You must be 21 or older to have or use retail (recreational) marijuana.
  • It is illegal to give or sell marijuana to minors.
  • It is illegal to drive high.
  • It is illegal to consume marijuana in public.
  • It is illegal to take marijuana (in any form!) out of the state.
  • Only licensed establishments may sell retail marijuana products.
What is the difference between medical and retail marijuana?2018-06-05T15:31:17+00:00

Only licensed retail marijuana stores may sell retail marijuana, and only to those 21 and older.

Medical marijuana requires a state medical card, which can only be obtained by Colorado residents with a recommendation from a doctor that a patient suffers from a debilitating medical condition that may benefit from medical marijuana. Medical marijuana patients can obtain marijuana from a licensed center, a primary caregiver or self-grow. For more information about medical marijuana, please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment.

How much marijuana can I purchase at one time?2018-06-05T15:34:20+00:00

Any adult 21+ with valid ID can purchase:

  • Up to 1 ounce of retail marijuana at a time.
  • 8 grams of concentrate
  • 800mg of edibles

Per Colorado law: an ounce of flower is equal to 8 grams of concentrate or 800 mg (THC) of edibles.

Where am I allowed to possess or consume retail marijuana?2018-06-05T15:38:36+00:00

Retail marijuana is intended for private, personal use. Marijuana may not be consumed openly or publicly. This includes but is not limited to areas accessible to the public such as transportation facilities, schools, amusement/sporting/music venues, parks, playgrounds, sidewalks and roads and outdoor and rooftop cafes. It is also illegal to smoke at indoor-but-public locations like bars, restaurants and common areas in buildings.

It is illegal to use or consume marijuana in a motor vehicle and it is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana may be carried in cars but it may not be in an open container and cannot cross state boundaries.

Repeat: It is illegal to take marijuana across state lines. DIA prohibits possession, use, display, and transfer of all marijuana on its property.

Can you ship your products to me?2018-11-30T15:59:43+00:00

Sorry, no. Regulations in Colorado state that you can only purchase recreational marijuana products in person at a licensed dispensary. But if you find yourself in the Denver area (and are 21+), stop by and see us!

What are the different ways you can consume cannabis?2018-07-06T12:24:49+00:00

Methods of consumption:

  • Inhaling (smoking, vaping)
  • Digestive (edibles: eating, swalloing)
  • Sublinguals (tinctures: holding it under the tongue)
  • Topical (creams & salves: on the surface of the skin)
  • Transdermal (creams & rubs: into the bloodstream through the skin)


What is a concentrate?2018-07-06T12:08:03+00:00

Concentrates are a potent consolidation of cannabinoids that are made by dissolving cannabis in its plant form into a solvent. The resulting product has very high THC levels (generally more than flowers or hashish), and can produce varying products that range from thick sticky oils (BHO) to moldable goo (budder/wax) to resinous bits (shatter).

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What is an edible?2018-07-06T12:06:08+00:00

An edible is a medicated edible good that has been infused with cannabis extracts. Edibles are commonly baked goods such as cookies, brownies, flavored drinks, breads, and candies.

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What are the different kinds of flower?2018-07-06T12:12:59+00:00

The two major types of cannabis plants are Indica and Sativa. Indica strains generally provide a sense of deep body relaxation. Sativa strains tend to provide a more energizing experience. There are also a wide range of cannabis strains in between Indica and SativaThese strains are known as “Hybrids” and show traits directly related to the genetics in its lineage.

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What is CBD?2018-07-06T12:10:18+00:00

CBD — Cannabidiol — is one of the many chemical compounds in a class called “cannabinoids” that naturally occur in cannabis plants. CBD has the capacity to deliver mental and physical benefits without the sensations of being stoned, and is known as the part of the cannabis plant with enormous therapeutic potential.

It also has many special qualities that can make it an important part of both a user’s recreational or medical experience. CBD’s reported benefits include relief from anxiety, joint pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, menstrual cramps, insomnia, nausea, seizures, bowel inflammation, and moodiness.

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For more information, please visit the State of Colorado website or goodtoknowcolorado.com.