February, the month centered around romance, chocolate, and flowers.

Valentine’s Day is often viewed as a “couples only” holiday but we want to show that self-love is important too! Whether you’re celebrating with your partner or treating yourself we have you covered, so stop by for indulgent chocolates, premium flower and more.




Get your friend with benefits chocolate with benefits.

We are proud to feature 1906’s HighLove Hearts this Valentines Day. It’s a bar of aphrodisiac chocolate that is sure to heat things up. HighLove Heart’s contains Blue Dream cannabis and five plant medicines for sensuality, including Damiana to curb inhibition, Catuaba to increase sexual desire, theobromine for energy, Ashwagandha to reduce stress and boost libido, and Muira Puama, known as the “Viagra of the Amazon.”




This year you can kiss your traditional jeweler goodbye.

We have you covered with high-quality Diamonds processed by Head of Honey using our own premium flower. These live resin diamonds were mined in the heart of Bailey Colorado. Head of Honey produces exquisite extracts that are perfect for any connoisseur consumer.




This year, forget about getting your lover roses.

Instead, pick up premium, organic flower from GroundSwell. We feature strains like Logic Diesel, Oteil’s Egyptian Kush, and Purple Cotton.




There is no better way to take care of your lady than with a gift pack from Whoopi&Maya.

Whoopi&Maya is a cannabis brand specifically curated for women.  This exclusive gift pack contains a lavender bath Soak, a Relax tincture and an herbal infused body Rub in the scent of your choosing. Stop by the shop between now and February 15th to pick one up for only $99!




Are you tired of Valentine’s Day love fest?

Take a moment (or 30) and treat yourself with an infused Soak from Whoopi&Maya. This luscious, lavender infused bath soak is an indulgent way to relax the mind and the body. Whoopi&Maya features all organic ingredients in their products. Not only does the Soak include a 1:1 ratio for pain relief and relaxation but it also has Jojoba oil to moisturize your skin!  GroundSwell has them in stock right now. Pick one up and love yourself first this Valentine’s Day.