Tender of the Week: GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique


Check out a collective that’s been serving Denver for the past decade.

The GroundSwell team has been a staple in the Bluebird District of Denver, Colorado. The self-proclaimed cannabis boutique opened their doors in 2010 serving medical marijuana patients and in 2015 added recreational customers to their roster.

MERRY JANE stopped by to check out GroundSwell’s product and to meet one of their newest budtenders, Travis Magunson, who recently moved to Denver from Minnesota.

Photos: Audrey Dempsey/MERRY JANE

MERRY JANE: What’s your favorite part about working at GroundSwell?

Travis:I truly feel like their ideals matched mine. From the growing technique to they way we care for patients first is really important to me. I joined the team because our goal is to educate and create awareness about responsible cannabis use and its medicinal benefits. Somedays can be crazy, it’s action packed but it’s a lot of fun bouncing all around and getting to meet patients.

MJ: How do you like to get high?

T: I like to vaporize, I use my PAX pretty regularly. My favorite strains right now are Cherry Pie also the Gorilla Glue we recently started growing. I prefer blunts at night time to knock me out.

MJ: Tell us about the first time you ever smoked.

T: It was at a rave in 1998 with some friends smoking out of a one-hitter. Not sure how well I inhaled or didn’t, but that was my first time.

MJ: What has been your most rewarding patient experience?

T: Just yesterday, this first time patient came in who had Parkinson’s disease. We spent about an hour together, he was very thankful we are able to take the time to go over all of his products and when he left he was smiling. It was really rewarding.


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