Denver is the American hub of recreational marijuana, which is proven by just how many dispensaries have popped up in the Mile High City since weed was legalized almost 2 years ago. So how do you know where to go for the legal weed experience? Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork and found the Top 10 Dispensaries in Denver. (All in the name of journalism.)L’Eagle

Two things make L’Eagle stand out from the crowd: customer service and going GREEN. All L’Eagle products are organic, pesticide-free and sustainably farmed; in fact, their grow is a zero-waste facility. In addition to all this, their products are very high quality with a wide range of selection. The budtenders are all extremely nice and happy to take their time and answer any and all questions you may have. Also, we just love a good business name pun.

Good Chemistry

If you’re looking for trendy, you’ve found it in Good Chemistry. Its staff is made up of well groomed hipsters who are as nice, knowledgable and helpful as their facial hair is on point. Menus are showcased on HD screens bedecking the exposed-brick walls, offering a streamlined selection of well organized strains, edibles and concentrates. Its Colfax location is as convenient as it is shady, but just ignore the crackhead on the corner — Good Chem’s security makes you feel instantly safe. Make sure to take your time and chat with the budtenders; they’ll never rush you and will always take the extra time to ensure you’re purchasing the best product to suit your needs.

Green Man Cannabis

When a dispensary wins the High Times Cannabis Cup for the same strain two years in a row, you know it’s going to rank. Green Man Cannabis won in both 2014 and 2015 with its strain Ghost Train Haze, which was hailed for its longer-lasting-than-average “good vibes.” Also check out indica strain Louie OG, which took home the 2015 prize for Best Indica.

LoDo Wellness Center

Located in the heart of Denver’s Lower Downtown (hence the name, get it?), LoDo Wellness Center is everything you’d want from a dispensary minus the glitz and glamour. The street entrance takes your downstairs into a wide and spacious basement that houses the dispensary, its wide selection, and a consistently large staff to make sure you’re in and out as fast as you’d like to be with zero wait. I’ve popped in a few times for some Peach Rings before an Av’s game or a replacement for my pen; they’re nice, efficient, fast, and know their extremely wide selection perfectly. Highly recommended.

Natural Remedies

If you call yourself “LoDo’s dispensary” and “a mile higher than the rest”, you better back it up — and that’s just what Natural Remedies does. When it comes to service, no budtenders are as consistently knowledgable as those at Natural Remedies. The quality of their product speaks for itself and has many customers saying it offers the best OGs in Denver. It also carries a larger selection of wax and shatter than most, so this spot is perfect for the dab fan. Check it out downtown.

Emerald Fields

This self-proclaimed cannaboutique lives up to its name. With two locations in Colorado (Cherry Creek Denver and Manitou Springs), Emerald Fields make buying weed feel classy. Its website mirrors its high-class interior design and layout, just take a look. With eighths from $35-$55, it’s easy to mix and match to suit your needs. Also keep an eye out for the deal of the week: right now you can get an eighth of Ambience hybrid for just $12.


With 14 locations throughout the state, LivWell has established itself as the high-quality dispensary chain of Colorado. While some may prefer the mom-and-pop single shop variety, purchasing at a place like LivWell that has it down to a science does have its perks. The space is clean and attractive, the service efficient and streamlined, the products all recognizable, quality brands. (Wudup, Leafs by Snoop). Check out the Broadway location if you have a choice; they seriously only hire babes.

GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique

What has been hailed as “the Apple store of dispensaries” makes our list thanks to its organic, streamlined design, friendly customer service and close proximity to Fat Sully’s Pizza and Denver Biscuit Company. (Seriously, this matters.) For a self-proclaimed “boutique”, GroundSwell offers a wide range of flower, edibles and concentrates for reasonable prices. An excellent choice for first-timers and tourists looking for a clean, positive experience.


Located at 3835 Elm Street in Denver, DANK Dispensary’s philosophy is to “make available safe and friendly access to naturally grown supply of dank nugs and flowers.” What makes DANK stand out is its dedication to describing its strains and various offerings. The effects of DANK’s 707 Headband strain, which is a mix of Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Master Kush, are described as “intense, euphoric relaxation with an earthy, citrus flavor.” Down.

Giving Tree

Family-owned since 2009, The Giving Tree offers the widest selection of edibles in the whole of Denver. Its medical-centric roots also make it the perfect place to pick up tinctures, salves, soaks, etc. It also features a 10% discount on every purchase for cancer patients, those with HIV/AIDS, veterans, students, and badged cannabis industry staff, which you have to admit is classy and kind. The perfect dispensary if you’re into buying local or supporting small businesses.