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Project Description

Durban Poison x Grand Daddy Purps

Classification: Hybrid

Bud structure:
Long, skinny, amber-green buds packed with trichomes.

Familiar earthy smell with a hint of cherries.

After the first hit you’ll know why they named the strain Cherry Pie. It actually tastes like baked goods with a finish that lingers in your mouth.

An initial burst of mental energy which evolves to a mild body high suitable for day or night time activities.

A quick hitter with great cherry flavor, Cherry Pie is a wonderful sativa-dominant hybrid. With level head and body effect, it is good for entertainment such as music or movies but lively enough for daytime use as well. Good for relaxing after a long day at work, this strain is good for powering through long nights of either work or fun and is less likely to induce anxiety but may leave you tired in the wake of its effects. GroundSwell’s Cherry Pie tests between 13-16% THC.