Project Description

Purple Thai x Afghani


Bud structure:
Bright green leaves with clusters of short orange hairs; dense, frosty buds with purple highlights.

Unmistakable; spicy lemon and pine with an earthy finish.

Packs a citrus punch with a sweet taste on exhale.

Clear-headed like a cup of coffee, yet mellow and uplifting with a nice body euphoria.

Lucid, focused and energetic, this award-winning sativa hybrid offers everything you need to get your day started right. Flo is a fantastic everyday strain with great flavor; light and energetic while allowing for clarity of thought. This strain is a solid choice for most patients as it offers non-lethargic pain relief and may be helpful in moderating the symptoms of depression and mood disorders. Flo is ideal for a variety of activities including hiking or afternoons with friends. With a little energy kick at first exposure, this strain is great for people who need a little boost in the morning or pick-me-up in the afternoon.