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Project Description

Mexican/Columbian x Afghani


Bud structure:
High calyx-to-leaf ratio; dense flowers; medium-sized trichomes; dark green/white bud with dark tan pistils.

Strong Chem-funk with mint, hash, and ripe purple grape undertones.

Spicy, skunky, minty taste that lingers; taste is sweeter and mintier when harvested at 9 weeks and hashier and spicier when harvested later.

NYC Diesel is a very potent sativa which is good for high-tolerance users.

Winner of five Cannabis Cup trophies in the early 2000s, NYC Diesel is one of everyone’s favorite strains for many reasons. This is a stoney sativa that packs a punch, and is commonly referred to as “the garage cleaner” because of the energy it generates. The NYC Diesel is an excellent choice for both indica and sativa lovers alike. The effect tends to grow over time, starting out with a light, somewhat spacey head effect that turns into a long-lasting, very driven motivating effect.