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Project Description

Nepalese Kush X Mystery Sativa


Bud structure:
Incredibly dense and chunky; light green buds with bright orange pistils.

Incredibly vibrant scent of ripe clementines and tangerines; more subtly, banana bread with a hint of pine.

Like a sip of Orange Crush, with a slight piney flavor on exhale.

Strong, somewhat spacey indica provides a calming, anti-anxious happy feeling and a strong tug toward sleep.

First runner-up at the 2010 Connoisseur Cup in San Francisco, Tangerine Kush is an indica-leaning Kush with the unmistakable smell of sweet tangerines. With a taste straight out of a can of Orange Crush, this strain has a blissful head effect, good for relaxing or listening to music. A weighty indica producing heavy eye effects, Tangerine Kush is an ideal choice for people who have trouble sleeping or eating. With a taste like sunshine and an initial uplifting effect, high-tolerance users could use Tangerine Kush for daytime pain relief but beginners will likely grow lethargic after the first hour of its effects. Tangerine Kush is optimal for individuals going through chemotherapy because of its trends toward pain relief and appetite stimulation.