When adult-use cannabis was finally legalized a lot of medical dispensaries rushed to jump on board. We waited for the right time to make the foray into Retail 21+ at GroundSwell. We wanted to make sure that first we honed our practice on the medical side: from educating ourselves on various ailments, to which products we’re proud to stand behind, to our unique approach to helping our patients develop a treatment regimen. We wanted to make sure that we knew how to talk to our staff about our goals, and that the new team members we brought on are people who understand what we’re striving to accomplish.

We don’t look at our retail store as “recreational cannabis as usual”. We’re seeking to extend our medical experience and the benefits of everything we’ve learned to serve a broader audience. There are a lot of people coming to Colorado who may not qualify for a medical card because of residency, or who don’t know how to go about finding a doctor for their ailment. We know we can help those people. This expansion allows us to do exactly that.

We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve built. Come in today to see our new retail space and the unique flower and smokeless products available to all adults 21+!