Have you ever wondered which products to try together? Wonder no more. Our super awesome team has put together some of their favorite product pairings to help make your experiences even better.

The Classic

Stillwater’s Ripple in your Coffee + A Logic Diesel Joint:

 Get your day going with a nice cup of joe and a little smoke.

The Sweetest Thing

Whoopi & Maya Savor. Cacao + Sweet Grass Kitchen Cookies: 

Feed your sweet tooth and spread delicious cacao like icing on top of your favorite Sweet Grass cookie!

Pain Relief

Ascend 4:1 Vape Cartridge + Wana CBD Gummies: 

Relieve those aches and pains without the major effects of THC.

Stay Blissed

1906 Bliss Peanut Butter Cups + Oteil’s Pre-Roll: 

Take a load off after a busy day with a little snack and smoke.

Goodnight Moon

ioVia HI-THC True Transdermal Cream + Stratos Sleep: 

Get a solid night’s sleep with this clean combination of THC products.

Soak N’ Toke

Whoopi & Maya Lavender Bath Soak + Lucid Mood Relax Sipper: 

The aroma of lavender from this bath soak and sipper will have you calm and relaxed in no time! Soak. It. Up.

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